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Fall is here and soon the plants will wither for winter. Nox Box is a Harry Potter mystery box that is chock full of handmade items for the low price of $10.99. Monthly there is a new theme and since it is not a subscription box you can simply not buy the monthly box if the theme doesn't excite you.

This month's, theme is Magical Fauna, on living magical plants from not only Harry Potter, but other magical worlds as well.

Baby Devil's Snare(HP)- Bottom Right

A cute potted plant made of clay and doesn't need any care.

Mandrake and Herbiology Pins(HP)- Top Left

A nice set of pins that Neville would love to sport on his robes.

Tree Herder Stuffie(Lord of The Rings)- Bottom Left

A cute plush for any Lord of the Rings fan.

Dirigible Plums Nox Charm(HP)-Bottom Left

Expand your imagination with these strange floating plums.

Golden Apply Room Spray(Unknown)- Bottom Middle

A nice smell of apples to brighten your life.

Black Lotus Nox Pin(Magic the Gathering)- Top Right

A nice flower pin to up your game of Magic.

Yggdrasil Vinyl Sticker(Norse Mythology)- Top Right

I got nothing clever to say, but it looks like a nice a sticker.

Golden Afternoon Wonderland stickers(Alice in Wonderland)- Top Left

Escape to your dreams with these cute flower stickers.

Seymour and Audrey 2(Little Shop of Horrors)- Bottom Right

A nice artwork that doesn't beg you to feed it.

Overall Review

While I get the Nox Box but Harry Potter items I will admit the other items were cute and creative. weather you are a wizard or just a card game fan this box maybe for you.

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Noxbox is now getting ready for another school year at Hogwarts. Nox Box is a Harry Potter mystery box that is chock full of handmade items for the low price of $10.99. Monthly there is a new theme and since it is not a subscription box you can just not buy the monthly box if the theme doesn't excite you.

This month's, theme is called "A Lesson in Potions." Of course, this theme is featuring Severus Snape our favorite potion master and half-blood prince.

Bezoar Samples- handmade candy(bottom far left)

These are hot cinnamon flavored and very strong, but quite good.

Nox Charm- Flask of Time(above the Bezoars)

Its a nice charm I might get a charm bracelet as a way to collect these.

Potions sticker pack(bottom far right)

A bunch of creative potion stickers.

Bath salts assortment(bottom left)

I'm not much for bath salts, but I'm sure my mom will love it.

Snape Finger Puppet(bottom middle)

I nearly forgot the puppet pals were a thing until I saw this cute little puppet, I hope they make some of other Potter characters.

The Young Potions Master(top middle)

A drawing of a young Snape brewing up a potion.

The Witch's Chant from Shakespeare's Macbeth(not shown)

This was a nice card with the poem on it.

Potions Lessons Pin set(top right)

More cute pins for me to keep.

Potions Nox Pin(top left)

I like the glitter that moves around in this pin.

Urgals Batwing Broth(bottom right)

I find it interesting there is a Neverending Story item in here, but it fits the theme.

Overall Review

If you are a fan of Snape, potions and quality handmade goods then get this months Noxbox.

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I named this Boku-Chan 2 as this is my 2nd review of the DVD service. Boku- Chan isn't like other anime mystery boxes as everything is catered to you by a survey you take before you order. There are no monthly themes and no one gets the same thing the box is made just for you. The price of the big box I got is $35 and there is a mini box for less than $20. I assumed since I took the survey using my email before that the same survey will apply for every time I order, so, I didn't retake it. I do like the shiny tape this time.

I have no idea what the first item is, but I find it weird I got Fushigi Yugi, and I have no idea what the plush is.

Tower of Druaga Part 1

I got this because I like fantasy and action and according to Boku-Chan it is based off an arcade game. THe Tower of Druaga is also said to be an parody of fantasy and action anime. It is a shame it is only the first part of the series as It'd be nice to get like the last box both part 1 and 2 of an series. I will get to reviewing this.

Fushigi Yugi Vol 1

This is an interesting anime to get as I thought it was well known enough Boxu-Chan wouldn't send me it based off my surevy but maybe because it is an older one? I read the manga of this series before and I tried to watch the series once but the dub was pretty bad but I guess now I have no choice, but to review it someday.

Tokimeki Memorial Plush

I guess since I said I like video games I'm going to keep getting video game plush but it is based off another video game I never played.

Overall Review

This box was a mixed bag but I still will give another one a try in the future. I'm interested in the first anime and now I know I have to watch Fushigi Yugi for a full review as the first 7 eps came to me. The Plush found a home at Anime Midwest, but that is ok. If you want a anime mystery box catered to you this try out Boxu- Chan.

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