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While I'm waiting for Beastars anime to be released in March on Netflix the only legal way to see it, I decided to pull out this book off my shelf. Lives of the Monster Dogs is a book I never read, but the fact of dogs standing up like normal humans by use of technology seems interesting.

The Plot

The Dogs arrive in fancy clothing to New York in 2008, having been created and raised in Germany they retain its culture. They escaped to find a new life, but find interacting with normal humans difficult. A young woman Cleo Pira manages to get close to them and see the strange lives they lead and the disease that affects only them. When the dogs build their dream home they isolate themselves inside while Cleo gets to witness what may be the final days in the lives of the Monster Dogs.

My Review

This book while I enjoyed it is hard for me to describe. It makes you really feel for the monster dogs as this painful drama of a book plays out. I will say this is not a happy story, but a tragic tale of experimentation, rebellion, and trying to fit in a society that is alien to you.

I found this book at the Dollar Tree this summer and of course I was going to save it for the holidays to review. I can't believe you can find new hardcover books for only a dollar. Either this book didn't make it on the bookstore shelves as it wasn't good or only overlooked and didn't sell.

The Plot

Santa finally reveals this life story over the past 17 centuries. This true name, Nicholas was born in Lycia and grew up an orphan. He learned kindness and giving from the fellow people of Lycia and wanted to spread the word to the world. How did he become the man in the red suit we know of? Nicholas himself will tell all.

My Review

I did enjoy this book and how it states that magic is often unexplained such as how Nicholas has lived so long. The history and religion aspect as more of a hit and miss for me but what can you expect from a book on Santa Claus? I did find much of it interesting and if you want a novel from Santa's point of view I'd recommend a read.

  • Rose Hood

This is the final book in the main Bob series and its more of a Christmas side story than anything. I do hope it has the same quality of story as the previous books and not only a cheap Christmas cash in. So how does the Bob series end?

The Plot It is the Christmas season of 2010 and the holidays are looking as bleak as ever despite James's friend Bob. They are struggling to make ends meet and even worse things are going down south health wise as well. Will James and Bob find any happiness this dreary Christmas?

My Review In this book I can understand why James never really got into the Christmas spirit until he met Bob but in this book he truly shows the spirit of giving. He gives cards to many of the people who made a difference in his and Bob's life not to get anything in return, but to show his thanks. If you want a touching Christmas story with a man and his cat then A gift from Bob is a gift indeed.

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