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Young Black Jack- Anime Review

Long time, readers may have noticed I love Black Jack especially the TV series. I hope to one day own the manga collection, but due to the fact the books are crazily over priced it'll probably be a long time before that day happens. In the meantime I have Young Black Jack to review(I owned this since Christmas 2 years ago, it was a gift from my mom, Thanks Mom! But since I recently saw it before I received it I didn't re-watch it until now).

The Plot It is 1968 and the Vietnam War is raging on. While many are protesting in the streets Kuroo Hazama is a medical student prodigy able to do things beyond his formal training. He finds himself thrown into circumstances that will test who he is and his path in life to be the man known as Black Jack.

My Review I loved this series and all I want to do now is rewatch the Black Jack TV series for more Black Jack goodness. This was meant to be a prequel to the manga series so if your comparing to the TV series the years are a bit off. There is a lot of historical events in this series affecting both Japan and America. As it is its a great introduction to the world of Black Jack.

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