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xxxHolic- Anime Review

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

"There are no consequences in this world that is only inevitability", these are the words spoken by Yuko in xxxHolic and this anime will make you wonder if they are true. xxxHolic is a supernatural anime created by CLAMP, who also created Chobits.

The Plot

Watanuki(whose name means April 1st) can see spirits but since he can't defend himself from them they are a nuisance and a danger to him. One day, he comes upon a strange magical shop run by a woman named Yuko who says she can grant him his wish to not see spirits anymore for payment. Watanuki's payment turns out to be working part-time at Yuko's shop until his hours equal the worth of the wish. Working at Yuko's shop he experiences many kinds of spirits good and bad, and sees humans who need to go and get their wishes granted for the right price. Watanuki also has 2 friends named Domeki(a guy who can't see spirits but can purify them) and Himawari(a girl he has a crush on but has no guts in telling her so), with them and Yuko the days are filled with the strange and the unusual.

My Review

xxxHolic is an adventure of an anime where every ep has new spirits and wishes to experience, from a girl needing to break her habit with a ring to a monster parade to get a magical nectar. This anime is a good choice for those into the occult, fantasies and of course Japanese folklore. I give this anime an 8/10 for bringing a unique world from CLAMP.

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