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With The Light: Raising an Autistic Child- Manga Review

For this entry in the Month of Love We'll look at the love between a mom and son. This series is also special as it is one of the most realistic manga I ever read and is about a child with autism and how the family learns to cope with it.

The Plot

Sachiko Azuma always wanted to be a mother since she married her husband Masato. One beautiful morning she gives birth to Hikaru(meaning to shine) and feels that her dream has come true. She slowly comes to realize that her child is not like other children as he cries when being held and refuses to look at her in the face. She consults a doctor who says he is death but after seeking another opinion she learns it is autism.

After this new discovery Sachiko does everything she can to raise Hikaru from traveling around to find the best day cares, kindergartens, and schools that will teach her son right. She also works at home to make his life easier at home. Soon a daughter is born and having an autistic son, and a normal daughter may lead to chaos, but can Sachiko find the light to keep peace at home, and school life?

My Review

I loved this series despite the fact it will never have a true ending due to the author's death. The relationship between the mom and son is great and how hard working the entire family is to make things work for everyone in the household despite the many hardships. This series is great to read if you like true to life stories or am interested in learning about disabilities without having to read a textbook. I give this series a 9/10 for being so good I hardly noticed I was learning.

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