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Towa no Quon- Anime Review

Nothing sounds more disturbing this Halloween than an anime that features an organization that is hunting and killing children. Towa no Quon isn't really an anime series it is more of a film series of 6 films not episodes. So let's check out another anime where we evolved to have supernatural powers.

The Plot In the future there is children born with supernatural powers not so much gifts, but more like a curse when if you're born with these powers you are slaughtered. The Order has robots that can sense if you have these powers and if you do you're done for. Luckly, a boy named Quon uses technology and his powers to save and train those with powers known as Attractors.

My Review It has been awhile since I was blown away by how good this series was. The animation, message, action, characters, and everything else was amazing. There is many twists that I never saw coming as well, but were well played. If you have 5 hrs to spare on a mini series I urge you to try this possible diamond in the rough.

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