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The World According to Bob- Book Review

I just reviewed A Street Cat named Bob and now it's time for the sequel. This book takes place not long after the previous volume, and it goes into how James even got the idea to write a story on Bob and learning even before the book Bob was well known.

The Plot

James and Bob don't have it easy working on the streets as magazine sellers. Some days are great with new friends to meet and money to be made, but others can take a turn for the worse when people think you are neglecting your cat. James hopes to one day not have to work on the streets, but how can he get to that point considering his past and next to nothing in work experience?

My Review

I enjoyed this book as it shows how James got off the street for good and how he in turn helps people who are in the same position he was. The bond between James and Bob grows more in this book and tells how a man, and his cat can change not only themselves, but make an impact on the world.

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