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The Sight by Celement-Davies- Book Review

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

I love wolves they are my all time favorite animal. I would never desire to own a wolf as they are wild, but I find them fascinating so when I found this book at Half-Price Books I had to read it. The may not be 100% accurate to all wolf behaviors but this is a fantasy novel.

The Plot

During a snowy night in Transylvania a wolf pack is seeking a new den to give new life to new wolf pups. They are on the run from Morgra a she-wolf who claims to have powers of The Sight(to see through the eyes of birds, to see the minds of lera-animals-, and to see distant realities by looking in the water) and has dark rumors surrounding her.

The pack of wolves make it to safety and new life is born in the form of 2 pups a white wolf named Larka, and a black wolf named Fell. Larka soon finds she may have the power of The Sight and that there is a secret prophecy that may involve her and a human child. What will fate foretell of Larka and her wolf pack?

My Review

The Sight is a fantasy masterpiece all told from the point of view of wolves. The fantasy elements, mixed with nature, religious themes all come together to form this heartbreaking and heartwarming novel on sacrifice and love. All the characters are compelling and interesting, and you can feel their plight. If you love fantasy, nature, and wolves then give this book a read, I give this a 9/10.

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