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The Mysterious Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde- 3DS eShop Review

Welcome for the 2nd Halloweenathon where I look at spooky, scary and horror media. This of course includes video games(not many options for that as I only own a Switch and a 3DS). I didn't know until searching for an image for this review that this $4 eShop game had a physical release. I can't imagine what it cost new, but whatever it is it was too much for a hidden item game.

The Plot

You are an inspector investigating a strange series of killings done by a mysterious Mr. Hyde it is up to you to find out his identity to save future lives.


This is a hidden item game you use the stylus to click on items from a list, you may have to find keys to unlock doors or fingerprints to identify the murderer, but typically its pointless items. You can use the circle pad to move the search screen but otherwise the game involves stylus controls even the dialogue sections.

My Review

This was a fun time waster. I didn't find much of a mystery as "spoiler" Mr. Hyde is Dr. Jekyll, but it was fun. I enjoy hidden item puzzle games even if they don't last long, glad I paid the eshop price. I will also say there was numerous spelling errors and even errors in the touch screen registering that I tapped an item. So, while it was playable there are better ones, and I wouldn't pay more than the eshop price.

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