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The Life of Budori Gusuko- Anime Review

From the creator of the Night on the Galactic Railroad brings another story with cute cat people. After seeing the previous movie, I'm kind of scared to see this, but I own it so I might as well give it a view.

The Story

Budori Gusko's life was peaceful until tragedy took his family away from him. Years later tragedy strikes again and he loses his home. More time passes and he has a job studying volcanoes and he finds out a third tragedy may happen will he be able to continue his peaceful existence?

My Review

Well just like the Night on the Galactic Railroad this movie is full of off screen death. I did like this one a bit more to the many characters you got to meet, but I'm starting to wonder if the original creator just loves killing cat people in kids books(this was once again based off a kids book or novel). Budori has a lot more personality then the main in the last movie, but instead of one tragedy he suffers through many. If you want to see cute cat people in a tragic drama then give it a watch, but if you want a happier story I'd look elsewhere.

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