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The Autobiography of Santa Claus- Book Review

I found this book at the Dollar Tree this summer and of course I was going to save it for the holidays to review. I can't believe you can find new hardcover books for only a dollar. Either this book didn't make it on the bookstore shelves as it wasn't good or only overlooked and didn't sell.

The Plot

Santa finally reveals this life story over the past 17 centuries. This true name, Nicholas was born in Lycia and grew up an orphan. He learned kindness and giving from the fellow people of Lycia and wanted to spread the word to the world. How did he become the man in the red suit we know of? Nicholas himself will tell all.

My Review

I did enjoy this book and how it states that magic is often unexplained such as how Nicholas has lived so long. The history and religion aspect as more of a hit and miss for me but what can you expect from a book on Santa Claus? I did find much of it interesting and if you want a novel from Santa's point of view I'd recommend a read.

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