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Super Mario Wonder Ball- Blind Box Review

I found these at a CVS and I normally when I do blind boxes buy 3 but I got 4 as they were on sale for buy 1 get one half off. Each box's normal price is $3 and comes with a hollow chocolate egg filled with candy, stickers, and a collectors coin(there is 18 coins to collect). What coins did I get? And is the candy and chocolate any good? Let's find out!

The Chocolate is a nice sweet chocolate like Hershey but let's see what candy stickers and coins I got in each ball!

Ball 1

Candy: All Green Apple candy shaped like Luigi.

Review: Tastes just like green apple Sweetarts!

Stickers: Mario and Wario

Coin: This is a nice solid metal coin of Princess Peach. I'm glad it was a good metal coin and even painted like the character.

Ball 2

Candy: Cherry Flavored Yoshis

Review: Again tastes like a nice Sweetart.

Stickers: Mario and Wario

Are they just the same 2 stickers each time?

Coin: Piranha Plant

I didn't expect a enemy to feature on a coin except for many Bowser, Donkey Kong or something.

Ball 3

Candy: Mango flavored Princess Peach

Stickers: The same

Coin: Yoshi

I'm excited I got Yoshi as he is one of my favorites!

Ball 4

Candy: Blue Raspberry Luigis

They taste the best blue raspberry is my favorite flavor.

Stickers: Donkey Kong and Mario


Coin: Rosalina

I never played a Mario game that had her in it but it's a great looking coin.

Overall Review

I 100% think these Wonder balls are worth the price at only 3 bucks you get a nice decorated golden metal coin, chocolate with candy inside and stickers. I might even try to collect all the coins at this rate whenever these go on sale again. If you like Mario games, collecting items, chocolate and tangy candy then get these while you can.

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