• Rose Hood

Super Mario Cereal- Food Review

Everyone knows this cereal if you ever been on eBay, when people were buying them from selves since late fall last year. The cereal was being resold on eBay for up to $10 a box all for the amibo code, heck people were selling just the codes without the cereal.

Today the same craze applies to the new box design that doesn't have an amibo code I guess people will buy anything over 3 times the price as long as it's Mario. I also assume people feel the need to buy an overpriced cereal twice all because there is 2 designs and the "box might be worth something someday".

Lets do the unthinkable with a box of cereal, opening it and eating it, I know crazy right? I also only paid store price for this box ($3.50) not $10(or $45,000 seriously someone on eBay is trying to sell this box for that much); Finally, to the food review on this cereal!

I opened the box it smelled very berry but after taking a bite it's not as strong berry as it smelled. The marshmallows are just like lucky charm marshmallows. In the end this cereal is just a lightly flavored berry lucky charm cereal, not to say it isn't good though because it is. I liked this cereal fine and when I can; finally, afford a Switch I'll end up using the code.

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