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Simpsons Tic Tacs -Food Review

Who hasn't heard of the Simpsons? I know I have, they were one of America's biggest animated shows next to Family Guy. Simpsons currently is running 30 seasons, over 600 episodes and even had a feature film, is now America's longest running sitcom. Thus it only makes since to market everything from t-shirts, to video games and now candy.

Simpsons Tic Tacs can be found at Target and CVS. They have 3 different flavors with 3 different Simpsons characters on the box and even on the candy itself, unfortunately no Lisa, but we have Homer, Marge and Bart. Here is how they taste:

1.Homer: Donut - This tastes exactly like a vanilla iced donut with a vanilla after taste. If you don't like very sweet tasting candy then I'd skip it but I have a sweet tooth so its great.

2. Marge: Blueberry - Marge's candy is a nice fruity blueberry a bit sweet but not as sweet as the donut flavor.

3. Bart: Bubblegum - Bart's flavor is just the classic sweet bubblegum flavor you know and love.

I found all of the flavors to be pretty good so if you see them in the impulse buy area by the check out counter give them a shot the flavors are both good and last, perfect for tic tacs!

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