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Silver Fang: The Shooting Star Gin! (Ginga Nagareboshi Gin)- Anime Review

This anime may star dogs that are humanized but that doesn't mean this is for children. Ginga Nagareboshi Gin is an extremely violent anime on dogs fighting bears, there will be blood and death. The anime also features cruel training methods, cannibalism and you will see many dogs die. If none of the above, deters you, and you are interested in an anime that has action and amazing brave characters then check out the plot.

Gin was born a silver tiger striped Akita pup, a color that is best suited for bear dogs. Only a short time after he was born he witnessed his father, Rikki, fighting Akakabuto, the most dangerous, powerful bear in Japan. Rikki fought hard to protect Gin and their master but was flung into a canyon where he likely died. Rikki's death ensured Gin's destiny to be a bear dog farther as the master trains him hard even from a young age to be a bear dog to defeat Akakabuto.

Months later, Gin after successfully assisting the master's son and best friend Daisuke in killing a bear finds out about a pack of wild dogs. The pack of dogs are led by a mysterious leader and they are gathering strong dogs to fight against Akakabuto. Gin after feeling pulled toward the pack joins them on their quest to collect as many dogs as possible to kill Akakabuto.

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin is an amazing journey that is as good if not better than the final destination. The dogs are all compelling characters weather for good or ill. I'm sure you'll find at least one you can relate to or like. The story starts from a humans' perspective but 1/3 in it switches to the dogs and those 2/3rds are some of the best. If you love dogs and action adventure and don't mind blood, then I urge you to give this anime a try, at only 21 eps it is a great, fast paced journey. I will give this anime an 8/10.

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