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Sander's 6th Birthday haul!(Part 1 small toys)

Updated: May 17, 2018

Sanders sniffing out his gift box

Today is my cat's 6th birthday, and he got a big haul this year! I adopted him 4 years ago the day I moved to Chicago and he has been with me through thick and thin. Sanders is a 10 lb flame point Siamese mix (he is the one in the pic of my about a section). He is not like most cats for one thing he likes water, he follows me like a puppy, and craves attention. Before I got Sanders I was told cats don't care about you only food, and they just lie around and ignore you. I'm glad I got Sanders and his adopted sister Luna a DMH black kitty. I love buying toys for my cats for birthdays and Christmas I know they don't know what the day is but I'm sure they enjoy the extra attention. For the record both of my cats aren't into much for cat nip, so I didn't get much of those. I got Sanders a good bunch of small toys and here is the list and his thoughts on them with my translation and my thoughts on the toy as well.

1. 2 packs of 10 count mylar balls

Sanders :Oh boy! *chases them around and bats them around throughout the apt making mewing noises* CRINKLE BALLS MY FAVORITE!!

Me: I like mylar balls they are cheap to get and you can find them at just about any pet store the only downside is if they go in a water bowl they dye the water.

2.A crazy ball

Sanders:*watches it bounce away with the bell ringing* meh *goes to a mylar ball*

Me: To me its a dog toy with a bell inside but I thought it'd be fun but both cats seem uninterested in it maybe a bouncy kitten would like it or if your cat really likes bells? For me it seems like its a no go.

3. a snake

Me: I tried to use it like a wand toy and throw it but this is all that happened-

Sanders:*sniffs it and bats it once or twice then gets bored and walks off*meh

Luna: *runs from it*its scary get it away!

Me: Another failure I thought they'd like it as it has plastic balls in it that rattle but nope.

This is it for part 1 of small toys will update again. Let me know your cats favorite toys

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