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Rin-ne - Anime Review

I was excited when I heard Rumiko Takahashi the creator of one of my all time favorite anime Inuyasha created Rin-ne. I saw one season but did not revisit this series until now to watch all 3 seasons. I will say coming off of Inuyasha there are similarities like the main girl can see what most humans can't and our main guy is part supernatural.

The Plot

Sakura Mamiya can see spirits due to visiting the spirit world when she was a child though she doesn't remember much of this. Now, in high school she is sick of seeing spirits as no one else can do so when she meets Rin-ne a shinigami whose job is to guide the spirits with earthly regrets to the wheel of reincarnation. Together, these 2 embark on crazy spirit filled adventures.

My Review

While I find the shinigami tools and world interesting, this series was simply a bunch of short spirit cases. This series has so many characters that it's hard to get them enough screen time to develop them. Many episodes can be 2 or 3 short stories instead of one big story and there is not much of a story arc. I feel characters were the same from ep one all the way to the end of Ep 75. If you loved Inuyasha, this might be a bit of a disappointment, but if you're more of a Ranma 1/2 fan than this might be more up your ally as this is more comedy than story.

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