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Right Stuf Anime mystery box and bargain item- Unboxing Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

I recently ordered from Right Stuf anime and on top of anime I bought I decided to get a "$20 Garage Sale Mystery Box" and a "$25 blind box bargain item". Let's compare both and see which one is likely a better value for your money.

First up: $25 blind box bargain item

The $25 blind box bargain item is Dear Brother when I checked its value on Right Stuf anime it is worth $45 so almost double for what I paid. This set comes with 13 episodes, and is an item that doesn't seem all that popular due to lack of reviews on this set also to complete the series you will need to get another sets of 13; So likely this item was given out due to lack of sales despite its worth.

This series is also a high school drama so if you're like me and may not care for this it might not be worth it anyway but I'm fair and I will give is set a full review later.

The $20 Garage sale Mystery Box

This is my haul for the $20 Garage Sale Mystery Box:

1. Fruits basket Sticker Collection- A book with bios of the characters and a bunch of stickers in a cute hard cover book. Retail price: $14.99 Right Stuf Price: $5.99

2. Gothic Sports Vol 1- A Manga on a group of misfits making a soccer team after they were rejected by the school team. Retail Price: $9.99 Right Stuf Price: $7.47

3.Dojin Work Collectors Pack 1- An anime and manga on a group of students who make Dojinshi(self publish comics) together. Was not listed on right stuff but Retail price: $20.99 Oldies.com price $4.98

4. Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi Sound Track- The Soundtrack to the Anime Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi. Retail price: $14.99 Right Stuf Price: $4.99

Total Retail Price: $60.96 Total right stuff/oldies.com price: $23.43

In conclusion both boxes are likely stuff Right Stuf is getting rid of but what you get is all luck on value. I will likely try this again but only if I need to to get free shipping. If you are into mystery boxes and surprises I'd recommend them it just depends if you want 1 good item or a grab bag of a few items.

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