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Right Stuf Anime Haul June 2018 - Unbox review

This month's Anime Haul's theme was Action in celebration of Shonen Jump's 50th anniversary. Anime Haul's monthly boxes cost $40 and come with a DVD of a movie or a season of an anime, a manga and a few merch items. Here is what was inside the Action theme box:

1. Akira blu-ray dvd Collectors case- $29.99

2. Boruto volume 1- $9.99

3. Naruto keychain- $4.99

4. One Piece wristband- $5.99

5. My Hero Academia memo pad- $4.99

Total value- $55.95

I liked this box as it comes with a DVD and a manga of course it helps it's the classic movie Akira in a collectors case. I like many anime fans have seen and liked Akira so it is a great choice for this box's DVD/Blu-ray item. The Boruto manga, I'll give a shot at reading as I thought the original Naruto series was ok. I'll gladly keep the memo pad as I'm always losing or running out of notepads, the keychain and wristband I'll likely not keep but considering I'm keeping 3/5 items I count this box as success.

This box is a great value if you want to expand your Anime series and movie collection but don't want to keep much for merch. I'm already excited for the next box which I'll review next month so stay tuned for that.

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