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Rescue Box- Mystery Box Review

For the 3rd and final mystery box for Sander's 7th Birthday, I present a box that helps shelter animals while spoiling your pets with Rescue Box.

Rescue Box is $29.99 a month (with prepay plans that can be as low as $23.45 a month) Each month donates 5 lbs of food and vaccinates 2 shelter pets. Let's see what Rescue Box has in store!

There is a total of 5 items are they worth the $30 price tag? Will the Cat Critics enjoy them? Lets find out!

Tiger Grass Catnip- $6.50

Sanders:*sniffing and licking at the catnip seeming to be interested in it*

Luna:*sniffs it for 2 seconds then ignores it*

Sanders actually seemed to mildly like this catnip, so I'll likely keep it.

Wildly Natural Tuna flavored cat treats- $5

Both: *rush to eat every last morsel*

No surprises that they love the bag of treats.

Crazer: Cat laser toy- $6

Sanders: *chased the laser for a while until he got tired*

Luna: *looked at it but didn't chase it*

These guys liked laser pointers so not surprised they went for it.

Tweety Ball-$5

Sanders:*followed it but then didn't touch it looking confused*

Luna:*looked at it but didn't even attempt to go for it*

I guess sound items aren't their thing.

Katnip Kicksters- $15

Sanders: *wrestles with it until it falls off of cat tree, then jumps off tree to get it*

Luna: *sniffs it but then doesn't do anything with it, after Sanders is done with it plays with it*

An toy even Luna likes? That is rare this is 100% a keeper.

Total value: $37.50


Luna:*curls up to box and gnaws on it*

Overall Review

I never had a cat mystery box where the cats love all but 1 item so I think I'll see what next months box has to bring. I originally planned for this to be just a 1 time thing but considering 4 out of 5 items are keepers, and the box does help animals in need I think we'll check out next months. If you think your cats will love interesting toys and treats and you love helping animals in need then this is the box for you.

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