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Pumpkin flavored treats 2019- Food Review

Since I found so many strange pumpkin flavored items last year I figured I'd do it again. What crazy sweets will I find this time?

Pumpkin Spice Taffy

I found this at the DallorTree, I love taffy, but never had Pumpkin Spice flavored before.

My Review

These are ok, but its more spice then pumpkin. So not the biggest fan of these, but they are good enough to finish the bag.

Pumpkin Spice Cups

Peanut Butter cups are my favorite candy of all time so what would pumpkin spice cups rate?

My Review

I never thought pumpkin spice and chocolate would go together, but they do. I really like these and might get another bag before the end of the season.

Iced Pumpkin Cupcakes

It wouldn't be a holiday without Hostess also making limited edition treats and this year they are pumpkin not pumpkin spice.

My Review

These are like Pumpkin bread with cream filling and they are amazing.

Ben and Jerry's Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream

I had to get this when I saw it for sale. Ben and Jerry's makes great ice cream and of course they got a pumpkin cheesecake flavor which I love.

My Review

This ice cream is great and is full of pumpkin cheesecake flavor I only wish it had chunks of cheesecake to make it even better.

Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispies Treats

I rarely see Rice Krispies do a limited edition treat. I do enjoy the normal rice krispies but my favorite crispy treat is those peanut butter bars with chocolate on top(not from Kellogg unfortunately)

My Review

This treat nails the pumpkin pie flavor and are a good low calorie replacement for pumpkin pie at only 90 calories per bar.

Great Value Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal

Great Value products can be hit or miss. I had the Quaker Pumpkin Spice before(I couldn't find it this year) and it was good. So how does the Great Value version taste?

My Review

This flavor was fairly mild, but I think that's a good thing. It is probably one of the few products where it can taste good warm that is pumpkin flavored.

That concludes this years Pumpkin flavored items, have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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