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Puella Magi Madoka Magica-(RR) Anime Review

For January's Review Request, I'll be reviewing Madoka Magica. The magical girl anime that is both a send up and turns on it's head on the stereotypical magical girl genre. Despite the cute girls, this anime is also twisted and dark.

The Plot

Madoka is your typical 8th grader who has friends and a nice family until she runs into a magical being called Kyubey who offers to grant her a wish if in return she becomes a magical girl to defeat witches. Madoka who slowly makes up her mind meets other magical girls on the way who traded their normal school life for a wish they desperately desired. Does Madoka have a wish that she is willing to risk her life fighting witches for?

My Review

This anime has many twists and turns that make you never want to be a magical girl in this universe, no matter the wish. The story is fairly fast paced so it makes sense it was only 12 eps. Madoka is your cute innocent but the character of Homura is my favorite. I give this anime an 8/10 for bringing a fresh take on the world of magical girls.

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