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Pokemon Indigo League-(200th Review Special) Anime Review

I grew up with the first season of Pokemon(at the time it was only called Pokemon as this was the only series). Even, though it was dubbed by the dreaded 4kids I loved it(and probably, the only 4 kids dub I liked besides Yu-Gi-Oh), but of course I was a kid so I didn't know what good voice acting was. I did know that rice balls weren't donuts but I didn't know exactly what they were until years later when I got into anime. This is probably the first anime TV series I ever seen so does it hold up at all?

The Plot

Ash Ketchum an 10yo can now go see Professor Oak to get his first Pokemon! Unfortunately, he is too late to get the usual starter Pokemon so Oak gives him an aggressive Pikachu. In time, Ash befriends this Pikachu and Gym Leaders Misty and Brock as they travel around Kanto to collect Gym badges to compete in the Pokemon League.

My Review

I watched all 78 eps in less than 3 days and while I thought some moments were "stupid kid show" stuff I think it still holds up. While Ash isn't exactly a great character, he does act like a typical young boy(as far as I know) so points for that? I liked he got most of his Pokemon by saving their lives or simply helping them out vs fighting them until they were weak. My favorite, ep was Eevee Brothers where the boy who has an Eevee likes it just the way it is and doesn't want to force it to evolve with an elemental stone.

As far as cons Team Rocket can get a bit repetitive, the "trying" to remove Japanese cultural references fail hard(when there is a lot of Japanese culture references you will notice in many eps, so it makes no sense to call a rice ball a jelly donut), and replacing the Pok'e Rap with Pikachu's Jukebox that just has random pop songs to Pokemon scenes. Overall, I think the show holds up well for a 20yo children's show.

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