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Pet Treater- Mystery Box

This is the 2nd mystery box for Sander's Birthday there will be one more that is brand new and never reviewed.

Pet Treater is back! Pet Treater is the pet subscription box tailored to your pet based on age and activity level. Sanders is the one profile I have for this box and as of today(April 17th) 7yo cat. The subscription box/bag is only $12 a month and has at least 3-5 items so not a bad deal compared to many other pet boxes that can charge up to $30 a box. What's inside this month's bag of goodies?

This time there is only 4 items. I guess the grass growing kit counts as 2 due to its size. Let's see what the Cat Critics think of these.

Sprout Pod- $10

As this is a grass growing kit according to the box it'll take at least 10 days for the grass to grow so it'd be unfair to review it now I'll make an edit when the grass is done growing(if it grows at all since I live in a basement and not much for windows).

Cat life- $3

Cats: *both sniffed it and then ignored it*

So Bright Freeze dried Salmon Cat treats- $4

Cats: *both chowed them down in seconds*

As usual the treat is the favorite of the mystery box.

Total value- $17

Overall Review

My cats are just not fans of this mystery box so this will be the last one. If your cats like catnip toys and other strange cat items and for a cheap price then give Pet Treater a try.

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