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Parasyte- Anime Review

I have saved the anime that I most wanted to watch for this Halloweenathon for last. I have pretty high hopes for this as I loved the trailers, read 2 volumes of the manga and it seems to be a horror anime I was looking for. I truly hope this is the best that I saved for last.

The Plot

Parasytes are everywhere blending in society as the last victim they killed and then only consuming that victim's species. Lucky, for Shinichi the parasyte that chooses to kill him failed to do so. Unluckily, Shinichi and the parasyte named Migi are stuck together whether they like it or not and must become allies or risk being killed by the other hidden parasytes.

My Review

I loved this series as much as the other MadHouse anime(Death Note and Monster). It is also one of those deep meaning anime that I can actually get behind. The relationship between Migi and Shinichi is interesting between 2 different species who have completely different ways of thinking and emotions. I will say while this anime was great you'll only be able to enjoy it if you can handle all the blood and gore as this anime does get graphic.

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