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Origin: Spirits of the Past- Anime Review

Origin: Spirits of the Past is a movie I bought just because of a trailer in my Tsubasa anime DVDs. It was in an old media store called Suncoast in my hometown mall. I had this movie since, but I haven't watched it for years so let's take a look.

The Plot

300 years have past since the Forest awakened and took over civilization. The world is split in 2 groups, one who wishes to coexist with the forest and another who wishes to destroy it, so the world will go back to the way it was. Agito sets in motion destruction when he awakens a girl from 300 years ago named Toola who can't accept the world as it is and tries to reset it. Agito must save Toola from herself in order to save the world.

My Review

I love this movie the animation, music, characters and story. There are not much movies that do the environment message right, but this is one of them. It won't drown you in its message, but it is there and told wonderfully by its own story. I can truly see why I kept this movie for so many years. If you wish to see a beautiful movie on nature and the future this is one to watch.

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