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Nox Box July 2019 Mystical Creatures- Mystery Box Review

Nox Box is a Harry Potter mystery box that is full of handmade items for $10.99 a month. Judging on previous boxes the items are often good quality and each theme has a unique theme this month is Mystical Creatures. What fantastic beasts are inside?

As I figured, the items are as amazing as ever. Now, it's time for the item rundown.

Dragon Egg Nox Charm(top right)

I like the little purple dragon cell charm it's cute.

Dragon Claw Keychain(front middle)

This keychain is worth the box price alone to me it is so well made and sturdy.

Phoenix Flair Pin Set(top left)

I like these pins and will 100% keep.

Something Shiny Nox Pin(top middle)

I'm not a huge fan of the fantastic beasts movies, but this pin is extremely well made I'm tempted to keep it.

Pegallamaunicorn Vinyl Decal(middle)

I'll give this to someone at Christmas as I'm sure she'll love it.

Tree Guardian Stuffie

This is very cute I'm sure he'll get a good home.

Oriental Dragon Coloring Page(not shown)

I couldn't display this as it was wrapped so tightly it'll likely not unroll well for a bit. It is a blank coloring page with dragon facts on it.

Mermaid Vinyl Sticker(far right)

This is a nicely done mermaid sticker I likely won't keep but it'll go to a good home.

Black Forest Soap(front right)

I can't wait to try out this soap after the chocolate frog one I had last time.

Overall Review

I'm once again blown away at the quality and quantity of the items in such a small box and will likely order one every month. If you are a Harry Potter fan you owe it to yourself to give this boxes a try.

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