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Mushi-Shi -Anime Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Mushi-Shi is a supernatural anime on ancient creatures called mushi. Mushi are rarely seen by humans but can affect many forms of life in many ways. In this anthology series of a Mushi Master named Ginko, who travels to help those affected by mushi while being unable to stay in a place for a long period as he attracts mushi to him.

The series Mushi-Shi is a series of episode long problems relating to mushi and how Ginko solves this problem. You can easily watch each episode separate or together without losing the story, although if you pay close enough attention they are loosely connected. This series has 2 seasons only one of which was released in America. Mushi-Shi has a strange, foreboding, and mysterious atmosphere to it. Each episode makes you care about the victims plight and wonder how Ginko will solve it, to keep you watching to the end of the series.

I enjoyed this series and it's a nice break from more loud and action packed anime. If you like mysteries and strange happenings, you'll love Mushi-Shi. I give this series a 7/10 for the strange and unusual in the world.

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