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Monopoly -Nintendo DS Review

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

My Video Game review and it's a just a portable board game, my am I off to a good start in this blog? Anyway we all know monopoly and how it's played, unless you been living under a rock, but here is a refresher.


You pick your token (I normally pick the dog because I like dogs), and you roll dice to move. At the start of the game you start with $1,500 to use to buy properties, utilities, and railroads; when you own one if others land on your space they have to pay you a rent fee, and if you own a set, and build houses, or hotels on it they have to pay you even bigger fees. Same goes for you if you land on others spaces so hope your lucky not to land on someone's Boardwalk with a hotel, or you might go bankrupt! You can also trade properties with other players to complete your set. The goal of the game is to be the last player standing after everyone else gets bankrupt.

I bet now you're thinking "but what if I don't have friends to play with?"; Well your in luck the DS version allows for both human players and AIs to be your opponents. You can also choose the difficulty level for the AI, easy, normal or hard. I personally only beaten the Ai on easy but maybe I'm not amazing at this game. You can also pick other settings like if you want free parking money, or if you want to start with $2,000, instead, of the usual $1,500 or even if you want to double the pass go amount to $400 it's all up to you.

My Review

Bottom line is this: If you enjoy Monopoly and want it on the go you'll like this. It is just like the board game you know and love with options to change settings, and pick human or AI to play against. Another bonus is your friends don't need their own 3Ds or DS and their own copy of the game to play, you can just pass your DS to your friends for their turn(that is if you trust them not to break your over $100 device). If this game sounds good to you feel free to get it from your favorite game shop used and give it a shot! I give this game an 9/10 as its just like the board game I know and love with the bonus of being travel friendly.

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