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Mirai- Anime Review

This film is from the creator Mamoru Hosoda who made one of my favorite animated movies Wolf Children. I was surrounded by ads for this movie on Right Stuf, and it even made it to theaters(I unfortunately didn't make it due to my crazy work schedule). I'm excited to watch this movie more after it did win some awards.

The Plot

4yo Kun is the center of the family's attention but once his baby sister Mirai is born his world is turned upside down and she is the center of attention. Kun gets jealous and storms off into the garden where he meets strange people including his sister from the future. Kun and these strange guests go on interesting adventures in the past and future of his and Mirai's family.

My Review

I loved all the time traveling Kun had of his relatives, and it had a lot of imagination. I think everyone goes through jealousy when a new sibling is born. I also think after that phase is over(no matter how long it is) you will like your sibling. I like the bond Kun and Mirai get during these time travel events and how the time travel events tell what Kun is going through. If you want to see a nice movie, that shows what makes who we are, and what we can be check out Mirai.

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