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Memoirs of a Geisha- Book Review

The Month of Love concludes with Memoirs of a Geisha a story on how Sayuri falls for an older man and does everything in her power to get noticed when her role is to solely entertain men. I have read this novel(I own it too) many times and seen the movie as well so there is no surprise on how I will rate it. I got this novel as I am deeply interested in Japanese culture and it's history.

The Plot

Chiyo has lost her family, her home and is sold off to an Okiya(a home of Geisha, where they are housed and where they get ready to entertain for the day, and where their kimono is stored) to be a Geisha. Chiyo's sister ends up in a worse situation, away from Chiyo, who works hard at her training.

One day after having a bad day she runs into an older man who is a Chairman of a company. He is very kind to her and treats her to shaved ice, unused to having kindness she admires the man and wishes to one day to be able to return the favor. As time goes on she realizes this is love but in order to gain favor of a high ranking Chairman she will have to undergo even worse training. Once she is an official Geisha her name is changed to Sayuri, but her feelings have not. Will she ever be able to be with a man she loves or will she have to let go of her love in order to live in a world where she is an entertainer not a woman?

My Review

I really enjoy this book the way Chiyo/Sayuri describes their life, thoughts, and feelings is very poetic. I feel like the Geisha District of Gion is really right in front of me. I will say I find it a bit strange that a young girl fell for a man already in his forties at the time, but it does take place in a different time. The story seems so real I honestly thought it was based on a true story but it is a historical fiction novel. I give this book an 8/10 for teaching me about a side of Japan I have never known.

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