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Mary and the Witch's Flower- Anime Review

This time a more family friendly review for The Halloweenathon. I had this movie ever since Black Friday last year and only now, I'm getting down to watching it. I wanted this movie ever since I heard the Director did previous Ghibli films as both a Director and an Animator. Unfortunately, I was busy with other reviews last year and this one just ended up being nearly forgotten until now. Let's see what I was missing all this time.

The Plot Mary lives a normal life in the countryside with her aunt, until she finds a broomstick an a rare flower. She is then went to a school of magic where she can learn to be a witch(gee sound familiar?). Endor College is not as it seems as terrible things start to happen and Mary must set things right.

My Review This movie is like an anime version of Harry Potter, but the head of the school is the corrupted one. I really loved the animation and the way our lead gets magic. Mary and the Witch's Flower will be just as beloved as the Studio Ghibli movies. I look forward to more Studio Ponoc films that capture the magic of this one.

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