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Kodocha- Anime Review

I first got into this series way back when I was school age. I found volume 1 at a video store and since then I collected both seasons released in America. The entire series is 102 and only the first half was released in America. I guess since this is more a kids show it didn't sell enough for the complete series to be released.

The Plot

Sana Kurata is an 6th grade child actress for an tv show called Child's Toy who goes to a public school. Everyday the classroom is in chaos thanks to Akito and his gang can the classroom ever be peaceful?

My Review

I liked this anime the first season has tons packed into it the 2nd not so much. I somehow do wonder how the middle school arc is but I'm so used to the English voices I wouldn't be able to get used to the Japanese ones. Its hard to pin point the age demographic for this series as while it stars 6th graders it does cover fairly adult subjects like abuse, neglect, and death. Kodocha is a crazy anime with deep subjects, a treat for those looking for something outside the norm.

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