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Kitnip Box - Mystery Box Review

I'm doing this review in honor of my cat Luna's 4th Birthday!(sorry I couldn't get a pic of her with the box)Kit Nip Box is a monthly subscription box for cats. The box contains an assortment of cat toys and treats and there is 3 different sizes of KitNip Box. The Happy Kitnip Box is $19.99 and contains 5 items, and the Multi-Cat KitNip Box is $29.99 and contains 7 items, the final box is the V.I.P. KitNip box at $39.99 and contains 10 items. Part of the proceeds of each box goes to national animal charities. According to some reviews, the box I have is the August box even though I just got it today, strange. The box I have today is the Happy Kit Nip box at $19.99, so let's see if it's worth it!

I somehow ended up with 6 items in this box maybe due to the fact it is my first box? Here is the item rundown:

Brunch Croissant(a catnip filled croissant)- $5.00

Cat's take on item-

Luna: *sniffs it for a few min then leaves it*meh

Sanders: *sniffs it then bats it around playing with it for several minutes then leaves getting bored with it*

My take on item- Both of my cats aren't much for catnip so I was surprised Sanders played with it as much as he did.

Leap Bubbly Kicker(catnip filled plush wine bottle)- $6.00

Cat's take on item-

Sanders: licks and plays with item for several minutes and kicks it while holding it and even chases it around* I love this more than the last toy!

Luna: *sniffs and looks away not interested*

My take on item- Sanders seems to love this one even more though birthday girl still doesn't seem to care on her toys so far.

Max Tea Party tea bags(feathery catnip tea bags)- $5.00

Cat's take on item-

Both: Both are 100% uninterested in items

My take on item- I thought Luna might like these as they have feathers on them but no dice.

Max Pancake Brunch(a felt catnip filled pancake with syrup and butter)- $5.00

Cat's take on item-

Luna: *sniffs then looks away not caring, but come back and plays with it enjoying it* This is MY TOY!

Sanders: *sniffs and rubs face on it for a couple of min then walks off*

My take- The Pancake is cute and I'm glad Luna seems to enjoy this catnip toy even though she is less for catnip then Sanders.

Pet Winery Meow & Chandon(catnip and salmon oil wine)- $5.00

Cat's take on item-

Both: *they sniff and don't even attempt to taste it*

My take- I thought it was creative to make cat wine but it's a shame my cats don't like it.

Tender and True Sustainable Ocean Whitefish and Potato cat food sample(Grain-free, Organic, Antibiotic free, Certified Sustainable Seafood cat food)- $1.50

Cat's take on item-

Both: *chow it down like no tomorrow eating every morsel*

My Take- I knew they would love the food my cats both love food and aren't picky on what they eat.

Total Value: $27.50

Overall, I'm keeping the Bubbly catnip toy, pancake toy, and I'm glad my kitties loved the food. I will likely not get another Kit nip box as my cats aren't a huge fan of catnip toys and mostly just want food and treats. If your cat loves catnip toys then this box may be for you, with a okay value, and knowing the part of your money goes to help homeless cats.

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