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Kimi ni Todoke(From Me to You)- Anime Review

For the first anime entry in the 1st annual Month of Love, I bring you Kimi ni Todoke. This is one of those school romance comedies where nearly everything is fueled by misunderstandings. The biggest misunderstanding is the main girl herself who is not everything as she first seems.

The Plot

Sawako Kuronuma is feared by the school for her appearance as she resembles Sadako from the horror movie The Ring. The rumors are so bad people even believe she can curse people. Despite everything, Sawako is a quiet shy girl who only wishes people like her and she will find a friend.

One day, when her Idol, the most popular boy in school, Kazehaya, talks to her. This chance meeting starts a brand new life for Sawako. She begins to try to express her true feelings and correct the misunderstandings hoping to be able to be like Kazehaya who seems to find it so easy to talk to people. She even starts to make friends who understand her pure heart. Over time a love forms between Sawako and Kazehaya but can they overcome life's new challenges?

My Review

I like this school romance anime as even when the couple gets together at the end it ties up the loose ends, like the rival. Sawako is a sweet shy girl who has spent her entire life being ignored and feared but has to learn to accept kindness and make friends. Kazehaya helps start the change in her life and is kind to her because he likes her but she seems to misunderstand every time he tries to show and not tell, so he must learn to just say the truth. The side characters like the rival were interesting same with the 2 girls Sawako befriended and even Kazehaya's friend Ryu the quiet guy who only says what is needed. If you are going to watch, a school romance anime I recommend this one and give it an 7/10.

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