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Jeopardy!- Nintendo DS

The Jeopardy DS game is from the same makers as the Wheel of Fortune DS game I reviewed before. The menus, avatars, and the way the controls are 100% stylus based are similar to Wheel of Fortune.

In the game of Jeopardy, there are many categories with the easier questions worth the least amount of money and the harder ones are worth more(I feel there is no need for farther explanation its a basic trivia show). You can select the questions with the stylus and for the easy mode you get to select the answer from 3 options but in the harder difficulties you have to type or hand write out your answer. The avatars are just as creepy as in Wheel of Fortune and you can use your winnings to change outfits of your avatar and the host, unfortunately there is no Hawaiian t-shirt option for the host just different colored tuxedos.

This game is difficult for me and I barely scrape wins on easy mode but remembering random facts isn't my forte. If you are a whiz, at trivia games then easy might be too easy with 3 possible answers. There was never a time I hated playing I wanted to keep playing to get better at the game and there is many clues you will rarely run into clues you have seen before. I think this game is a great time killer if you love the TV show is based on. I will give this game a 7/10 for being a good time killer but nothing outstanding.

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