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Japan Crate June 2019- Mystery Box Review

Japan Crate is a subscription box where you can get Japanese snacks, candy, and drinks shipped straight from Japan to you. The boxes come in 3 sizes Mini(5 items for $10 a month), Original(10 items for $25 a month) and Premium(18 items for $35). As you can likely see from the box's picture, Funamation sponsored this month's crate(not this review) with Fruits Basket. The box also includes a Fruits Basket bonus item(which was only included in the premium level, so you will see it when I cover the premium items).

Mini Tier Level- These are the items you would get for the mini box level(5 items for $12 a month).

Kajiriccho Grape and Soda- candy with layers of both Grape and Soda(bottom left)

The soda and grape flavors together make a nice fizzy grape flavor. It was pretty good and soft and chewy.

Mikan Mochi- Tangerine Mochi(top left)

Another mochi candy that I actually like and I like the flavor despite that I don't care for tropical flavors much, but it was mild and sweet.

Matcha Milk Shimochoco- white chocolate and matcha cookies(top right)

Matcha and white chocolate is another great combo it is bittersweet, but in a good way.

Kings Melon Bread- Melon Bread flavored cookies(bottom right)

I actully had melon bread once and it was great these cookies taste simlar but they are crunchy and not soft and fluffy like real melon bread.

Aobe Gum- Soda flavored tongue dying gum(middle)

The soda flavor was good as usaul and my tongue turned bright blue like it said it would.

Original Tier-You would get these items and Mini tier items if you subscribed to Original Tier(10 items for $25 a month including a DIY kit)

Kataage Potato Salt and Wasabi- Salt and Wasabi chips(left)

I did not care for this at all it was very spicy. I can't handle spicy things.

Warugaki Beer Candy- candy powder drink mix(it just looks like beer, top middle)

It didn't foam up as much as I thought and it tasted pretty bad. I don't know what it was supposed to taste like but it was to be beer now I know I hate beer.

Donguri Apple Candy- hard candy with a gum interior(bottom middle)

I like hard sweet green apple flavor but the gum is flavorless.

Bunton Candy- Pomelo flavored candy(right)

This candy is more sweet and chewy then sour so it is a bit bland as far as sour candy.

Mini Bottle Candy- Strawberry, cider or Lemon flavored powder in a bottle(far right)

I got the cider flavor it is kind of like apple cider but it is a bit different. The taste is good though if you like powder candy like pixi sticks. I will say having the powder in a plastic bottle is better as no chance of soggy paper.

Premium Tier- You would get these and all previous tiers if you subscribed to the Premium Tier level(16-18 items including a drink for $35 a month)

Fruits Basket Pins- Bonus Items(bottom middle)

Funiamation gave as these pins as part of them sponsoring this month's crate the pins show Yuki, Tohru and Kyo. I will gladly keep this cute pins.

Brown Chocolate Ginzu Rusk- chocolate toasted sweet bread with chocolate powder coating(bottom left)

I love this chocolate sweet treat it is perfect for the chocolate lover in me.

Fruits Jellybeans(left)

Just your average fruity jelly beans.

Ramune Sour Grape- sour grape fizzy candy(back middle)

These taste like the grape soda Bottle Caps candy and it is great for it.

Purumochi Grape- Grape mochi gummies(top middle)

Made with real grape juice these are the most realistic grape flavored candy I ever had. I also enjoy how soft and chewy the gummies are.

Fruit Gummy Can-Mikan flavored gummies(right)

Not as soft as the previous gummies more of a classic gummy toughness but these do taste pretty nice.

Grape Gum- mini grape gumballs(front middle)

These taste simlar to the Purumochi gummies but as a gum.

Pukupukutai Taiyaki- mint flavored Taiyaki(top left)

I didn't care for this one to much as it tasted like I ate toothpaste.

Afternoon Tea Cheese Milk Tea Flavor- mascarpone flavored milk tea(far right)

I liked this tea okay it was fairly creamy but tasted more like coffee then tea.

Overall Review

This Japan Crate was pretty good and very fruity as I guess was a way to try to connect it to the Fruits Basket Theme it was going for. I do think this crate didn't need 3 grape items but they did taste good so I'll forgive it. Looking forward for next months box after my Anime Con trip which i'll spend time reviewing what I got.

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