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Highschool of the Dead- Anime Review

Last time, we checked out vampires and werewolves, now let's battle some zombies this Halloweenathon! High School of the Dead was hit when it first came out, but once again people have moved on to other anime. Heck, I remember when it came out I watched this weekly with my ex, though even I forgot about this until I saw it on sale this summer. So should I remember it?

The Plot

The zombie apocalypse has cancelled school, permanently. A ragtag group of 6 students who survived the first attack have banded together to survive. They gathered swords, bats, and guns to fight the zombies that are slowly taking over the world. Can this group of students survive the end of the world?

My Review

While I liked most of the characters I feel the overabundance of fan service for fan service drags it down. When it focused on fighting zombies and characters, it was great, but of course it has to remind us girls have chests and butts every few min. Unfortunately, it also has a cliffhanger ending due to the manga being cancelled(due to the author's death, which is very unfortunate) so, this anime will never have a true ending and the manga either. If you like blood, fan service and don't mind the lack of an ending High School of the Dead maybe worth a watch.

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