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Hideaways: Foggy Valley- 3DS Review(eShop)

I thought this game would be a good Halloween 3DS review with the haunted skulls, leaves, and stuff giving off an I Spy Spooky Mansion vibe. I honestly like simple puzzle games like I Spy, they are a good time waster, but is this game just a waste of time?

The Game

For most 3ds games I would have a "what is it about" section or "The Plot" section but not for this game as its just find the hidden items game. Unfortunately, despite the nice Halloween themed title page and info page on the eShop that isn't what you get. The game just has stock photos and no related theme on the items. Every puzzle is just a jumble of items tossed on a background pic for you to shift through to find random items.

To search for the items you use the circle pad or d pad to scroll through the scene, and the stylus to click on the item from the list. There is listed item puzzles, pictured item puzzles and a sliding puzzle, and you use the stylus for all of them.

My Review

I paid $5.00 for this game and even that was a bit much to pay for a game that was just a false advertisement. It promises you creepy, spooky settings to search for items but not a single background pic was Halloween themed. The gameplay while it worked it didn't get take long for the game to end(after about 10-20 puzzles), and I exited out of the game after that to quit it forever. This game will now be removed from my 3DS as it's a waste of space. My total score is a 3/10.

I promise to review a better October 3DS game soon not that it will be that hard to find a better one.

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