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Harry Potter Treats- Food Review

I love sweets and Harry Potter so surely I'll love them combined right? I collected the most popular treats: Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, Jelly Slugs and Butterbeer. Got everything but the beans from Lolli and Pops sweet shop(www.lolliandpops.com) in Chicago. The butterbeer I never expected to find was just at their shop in the cooler, so I had to grab it as well. How do these magical treats hold up?

1. Chocolate Frog- The frog looks just like the picture and tastes like a crunch bar which is chocolate with crisped rice. I knew the frog came with a wizard trading card but I did not expect it to be holographic and nice quality sturdy card. I was honestly expecting a cheap thin easily bendable card. For those wondering, I got Helga Hufflepuff.

2. Jelly Slugs- The sour cherry is not sour at all just sweet, but it's good. The watermelon is good. The banana is the fake banana flavor with a weird side taste so not my favorite. Pear is also weird tasting. The tangerine is pretty good though. So all in all it's a mixed bag of good flavors and not so good ones.

3. Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans- I have fond memories if this one of daring friends on the bus to eat a random flavor, and I miss those purple bags of them that had more beans in them then the tiny boxes. For those who don't know the Bertie Botts beans are a mixed bag of both tasty normal Jelly Bean flavors and disgusting ones like vomit and rotten eggs. I don't mind eating the terrible flavors knowing they are bad. My favorite weird flavors are dirt, pickle, and sausage. These beans are once again great to share and dare with friends, mostly when they don't know the one they have is a bad flavored one.

4. Flying Cauldron Butterbeer- The bottle was so hard to try to twist off I figured I had to use the bottle opener. Only after did I use the opener did I see it was supposed to twist off. The butterbeer itself is a nice sweet butterscotch flavor. I'm so glad I, finally, got the chance to taste this drink.

I liked most of the treats I had today maybe if I get to see the Diagon Alley section of Universal Studios Theme Park I'll likely review more unique and limited edition Harry Potter sweets. Let me know if you have any Harry Potter related sweet suggestions for me to try.

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