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Harry Potter Keyrings- Blind Bag Review

I couldn't resist getting these when I saw them at Target. I thought the keyrings looked cute and decided to do a review for today the newest Fantastic Beasts movie comes out and tomorrow is my birthday.

These Harry Potter keyrings 9 characters and 2 mystery characters available there is no shown chance on getting any of them unlike previous Harry Potter blind items. Unlike most blind Harry Potter items these are not made by Funko but by Monogram, so we shall see what we get and what quality these are.

I got Hermione, Hagrid and Draco. I'm glad these are well randomized, so your unlikely to get multiples in just buying 3 bags. The figures themselves are solid and heavy so not made of cheap plastic and the texture is soft and smooth. I would suspect they might get dirty easily due to the texture. Glad I, finally, got a Hermione, all of my previous Harry Potter blind boxes and bags I never got one until now. I would recommend these blind bags if you love Harry Potter and want a cute good quality keyring of your favorite character.

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