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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- Book Review

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the 4th installment in the Harry Potter saga. This is the first book where a character we get to know gets killed, and the series will just get darker, and more murderous from here. I know many of you know the plot as usual but here it is:

Harry's summer didn't start out too well with having to follow Dudley's new diet plan but Harry found a way around it thanks to his friends as they sent food and cakes for him, so he didn't starve. The summer got better though, when Harry gets to go to the Quidditch World Cup, that is until Death Eaters ruin the celebration by attacking muggles and making the Dark Mark appear.

Once at school, Harry finds out about the Triwizard Tournament, where students from 3 different schools compete for glory, and a thousand galleons prize money. Harry knowing he isn't 17 and cannot compete just hopes the chosen champion for Hogwarts wins, but he somehow gets picked as a 4th champion. Forced to compete Harry now must try to survive 3 dangerous tasks, keep his friends, and avoid terrible rumors from a lying reporter. Who put his name in the Goblet of Fire and for what purpose? It's up to Harry and his friends to find out!

It's time once again for Book VS Movie!(spoilers ahead for those who haven't seen the movie or read the book)

1. The movie unfortunately skipped the entire Weasley family picking up Harry from the Dursleys, and the chaos that ensued from a Ton Tongue Toffee.

2. The movie showed Barty Crouch Jr at the Riddle House with Wormtail and Voldemort but in the book he wasn't there.

3. Harry and the Weasleys get to The Quidditch World Cup in the book they had to set up 2 tents one for the girls and one for the boys. In the movie, there is 1 tent already set up for them and 1 side the girls sleep and the other the boys.

4. Arthur Weasley got World Cup tickets to be in the Minister's box with the Malfoys, and Ministers of Magic from England, where they sat next to Winky the elf. In the movie, Harry and the group are in the highest seats by no one.

5. Viktor Krum is not riding a Firebolt in the movie, but an oddly shaped red broomstick.

6. The entire match of the Quidditch World Cup is skipped in the movie.

7. In the book, when the riot happens Harry and friends are asleep(in their pjs) and Arthur Weasley wakes them up in the movie they just got back from the World Cup so everyone is awake and fully clothed.

8. In the book, when the Dark Mark is set Harry and his friends are in the woods by the campground, when there is still people around, where they went for safety, in the movie, they are still in the middle of the campground but it is deserted.

9. Winky the elf was accused of casting the Dark Mark by using Harry's wand in the book, but in the movie Harry and friends was accused of casting it, and the Death Eater uses his wand.

10. Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students arrived the day before Halloween in the book but in the movie they seem to arrive right after the Hogwarts express does.

11. In the book, Beauxbatons has both boy and girl students but in the movie there are only girls.

12. Fluer's hair in the book was silvery but in the movie she was blonde.

13. The Goblet of Fire was a wooden cup and came from a chest in the book but in the movie it seems to come from a golden tower.

14. The creatures that Moody uses the Unforgivable curses on are normal spiders(that don't make a sound) in the book but in the movie it seems to be a spider-like creature with claws like a crab that can make a screaming noise.

15. When moody asks for the final curse, Hermione tells him that is the Aveda Kadvera killing curse in the book but in the movie she doesn't answer with tears in her eyes.

16. When Fred and George, cross over the age line in the book it is the age line that rejects them and when they get their beards they laugh about it. In the movie, when they cross the age line it seems the Goblet itself rejected them and when they grow beards they fight about it.

17. Dumbledore calmly asks Harry if he put his name in the Goblet of Fire, in the book, but in the movie Dumbledore shakes Harry and presses him against some trophies that fall on the floor when he asks.

18. Harry speaks to Sirius in the common room fire after he sees the dragons in the book in the movie it is before the dragons.

19. Harry found out directly by Hagrid in Hogsmeade, to meet about the dragons, in the book, but in the movie he hears it from Harmonie who was told by Ron to meet on the dragons.

20. Harry tells Cedric about the dragons by splitting his bag apart by magic to get him away from his friends in the book but in the movie he just goes up to Cedric and his friends and asks to speak to Cedric.

21. Harmonie never went into the Champions tent in the book.

22. In the movie, the horntail broke free from its chain leaving the golden egg and followed Harry far from the arena in the book Harry just slowly edged the dragon from its own eggs and the golden egg and when it wasn't looking Harry dived in and got the golden egg.

23. Padma and Parvati Patil were in different houses(Padma was in Ravenclaw) in the book, but in the movie they are both from Gryffindor.

24. The article on Hermonie's and Harry's love lives doesn't appear until after the Yule Ball in the book but in the movie it appears after Hermonie and Victor Krum saw each other once giving no clue on how Rita knew they liked each other.

25. Harry and Ron get their dress robes at the Weasley house in the book, but in the movie they get them at the breakfast table at Hogwarts.

26. McGonagall dancing with Ron doesn't happen in the book and was made for just the movie.

27. The entire S.P.E.W. plot was taken out of the movie.

28. Rons dress robes were from a second hand shop in the book, but in the movie they belonged to his great-aunt Tessie.

29. Professor McGonagall told Harry when she annouced the Yule Ball he and his partner would open the ball, and he needed a partner, in the movie Harry just finds out right before the Yule Ball that he and his partner would open the ball.

30. Hermonie's dress in the book was periwinkle blue, in the movie it is pink.

31. Cedric told Harry before the Yule Ball about the golden egg in the book(it was Harry's pride that kept them from following it until nearly the last min), but in the movie Cedric tells Harry about the egg 2 days before the task.

32. Dobby gives Harry the gillyweed in the book but in the movie it was Neville who gave him the gillyweed.

33. The entire Bagman gambling plot was scrapped for the movie, but Fred and George make their own gambling deals on the Triwizard Tournament.

34. Harry wears his Hogwarts robes during the second task in the book, but in the movie all the champions have their own swim wear.

35. In the trial memory Barty Crouch Jr. was brought in with 4 other Death Eaters including Bellatrix Lestrange in the book, but in the movie Igor Karkaroff tipped the minstery on Barty Crouch Jr. who was in the audience at the time. Barty Crouch Jr. was sent to Azkaban in the book by his father who wouldn't listen to his sons's pleas to be free but in the movie Jr. smiles insanely to his father's face who then sends him to Azkaban.

36. Mrs. Weasley and Bill came to watch the 3rd task in the book along with all of the champion's parents, but in the movie only Cedric's dad shows up to watch.

37. Many of the obstacles in the 3rd task didn't make it into the movie, including Hagrid's Blast Ended Skrewts.

38. The entire half giant plot was scrapped for the movie.

39. Before both Harry and Cedric get to the cup, Cedric saves Harry from a giant spider in the book, but in the movie harry saves Cedric from the hedge roots.

40. Tom Riddle's headstone in the book was a tall marble headstone but in the movie it had a grim reaper. Harry in the book did not know about the graveyard but in the movie he dreamt of it.

41. Worntail used ropes to tie Harry to the headstone in the book, but in the movie the grim reaper's scythe holds him.

42. Bertha Jorkins did not appear during the Priori Incantatem in the movie.

43. Sirius was not with Harry when Harry relived what happened to Dumbledore in the movie.

There was more things I noticed different in the movie then the book, but then again Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was over 700 pages squeezed into an 2 and a half hr movie. Both the book and the movie are still enjoyable despite all the changes. Tune in for book 5 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

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