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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets- Book review

It is now time for the second installment in the Harry Potter saga, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This is the book where things start getting darker and we find out that there is a connection beyond the scar between Harry and Lord Voldemort.

The plot, as again many of you already know is:

Harry's summer back isn't all that great, instead, of him being locked up in the cupboard it's all his wizard items and even his owl Hedwig isn't allowed out of her cage. Things get worse when a house elf named Dobby turns up and warns if Harry goes back to school he'll be in great danger(as if he wasn't last year?) but since Harry still wants to go, Dobby explodes a fancy pudding that ruins the Dursley's one chance to have a vacation home in Majorca. In punishment for the exploding sweets Harry is now locked up in his room and forbidden to go to school, until Ron breaks Harry out of his prison, with a flying car.

Upon arriving at Ron's house called The Burrow Harry, finally, gets to live in a home where everyone likes him, like a real family. The summer vacation at his friends is unfortunately short lived and Harry must go back to school. At Kings Cross station to get on the Hogwarts express the unexpected happens and Harry and Ron are blocked from the platform, so they take getting to school in their own hands by taking the flying car.

The flying car trip wasn't all it was cracked up to be when they crash into the Whopping Willow and it fights back, thus, injuring them both and breaking Ron's wand. Then, not only does the car runaway into the forbidden forest but Harry and Ron nearly get expelled for accidental exposure of the wizard world.

Getting crushed by a tree and wand breaking is at least of Harry's worries when the Chamber of Secrets opens and students are attacked one by one, by the heir of Slytherin. If Harry and his friends don't stop the attacks, it is likely one will die at the hands of the heir like when the Chamber was opened 50 years ago.

Now for what you have been waiting for, the book vs movie comparison!:

1. In the book, it is mentioned the day of the dinner party was Harry's birthday.

2. In the book, the pudding was smashed in the kitchen and it was the owl from the ministry that scared the Mason's away, the movie had the pudding land on the Mason's.

3. In the book, Harry's trunk and stuff was downstairs and Fred and George had to get it, they also pulled off the window bars without making a sound and it was only when Hedwig screeched about being left behind that uncle Vernon woke up to stop Harry from leaving. In the movie, the window bars falling down is what woke up the Dursleys and Harry's stuff were all in his room.

4.Mrs. Weasley was in the front yard waiting for the boys when they came back from the flying car in the book, in the movie she was in the house and ambushed them then.

5. Going to Diagon Alley on the same day as Hermione was planned in the book, in the movie they just happened to run into her and her family.

6. Hermione's family and the Weasleys met at Gringotts Bank not Flourish and Blotts in the book.

7. When Harry and Ron take the flying car they use the invisibility booster before they took off(book), In the movie it takes until Harry says "most muggles aren't accustomed to seeing a flying car" for them to use the invisibility booster, after the car is already in the air flying above buildings.

8. In the movie, Harry and Ron almost get hit by the Hogwarts Express in the book they do not.

9. Ron's wand breaks after the car crashes into the tree in the book. In the movie, Ron's wand snaps while he is smacking it on the steering wheel.

10. In the book Snape finds Harry and Ron outside the castle, in the movie Flitch finds them in the castle to say they are in trouble for the flying car.

11. The Gryffindors take Herbology with the Slytherins in the movie but in the book it is with the Hufflepuffs.

12. In the book, when Hermione was called a mudblood, she didn't know what it meant ,and Ron had to explain but in the movie she did know what it meant.

13. In the book before Harry and his friends saw the Chamber of Secrets writing they were coming back from Sir Nichola's death day party, in the movie Harry's friends meet up with him after detention with Professor Lockheart.

14. The Legend of the Chamber of Secrets was told in History of Magic class in the book but in the movie it was in Transfiguration class.

15. In the book, Hermione had to get a permission slip to get the book Moste Potente Potions(the book containing the Polyjuice Potion) from the restricted section but in the movie it is in the common library area where any student can get it.

16. In the book the Quiddich match with the rouge bludger it was storming, in the movie it was a pleasant sunny day, also in the book Fred and George try to fight off Harry's bludger but in the movie they do not.

17. The Dueling Club had all the students practicing spells in pairs, in the movie only Harry and Malfoy have a duel.

18. In the book it was Nevile who was likely to send Harry Potter to the hospital wing in a matchbox, in the movie it was Ron due to his wand.

19. When Harry finds Justin, and Nick after their attack it is Peeves that finds him and alerts the staff, in the movie it is Flitch.

20. The password to Dumbledore's office in the book was "Lemon Drop" in the movie it was "Sherbet Lemon".

21. In the book Harry has to put on the sorting hat to ask him if he was sorted into the right house, in the movie the hat talks from a shelf.

22. After Ron and Harry transform into Crabbe and Goyle, in the book, their voices change to that of Crabbe and Goyle in the movie they do not.

23. In the book Tom Riddle talks to Headmaster Dippet on the school closing in Riddle's memory, in the movie he speaks to Professor Dumbledore.

24. It takes a few days for Harry and Ron to follow the spiders(due to lack of finding any) in the book, in the movie they follow right after Hagrid is taken to Azkaban Prison.

25. When Harry and Ron get away from the spiders the car drives itself in the book but in the movie Ron drives.

26. Harry gets the sword from the hat by putting it on his head in the book, in the movie he pulls it out of the hat.

27. Harry going in the tunnel out of the chamber to flee the snake was added for the movie.

28. When Harry fights the snake, with the sword, he is againest the chamber wall in the book, in the movie he is on the head of salazar's statue head.

29. In the book, the snake finds Harry by smell in the movie the snake finds Harry by hearing.

30. Harry's sock was around the diary in the book but in the movie his sock was inside the diary.

31. Professor Mcgonagall announced all school exams have been cancelled in the book, but in the movie it was Dumbledore.

There was a lot more changes I noticed this time vs the last movie, again even these are probably not all of them. I like both the movie and book just as much as the first. Look forward to Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.

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