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Gunslinger Girl- Anime Review

I honestly have no idea how I came across this anime to watch it for the first time years ago I just know it stuck with me after that, so I had to watch it again. As you can see, from the picture this anime is on little girls who are raised to kill. This anime contains violence, blood, discusses between what is a weapon and what is human.

The Plot

In Italy there is an agency titled The Social Welfare Agency, which is under the guise of being a charitable organization that helps those who are severely injured. In reality, The Agency takes in children who are near death and while they rehabilitate them they also condition them to be cybernetic assassins.

Each girl is paired up with an agent titled fratello meaning sibling to escort them to their missions and train the girls. The girls despite having each a traumatic past don't remember any of it due to the conditioning process, and often grow attached to their fratello. The Agency considers the girls little more than the guns they weld but are they truly just weapons or are they still human despite the conditioning and cyber implants?

My Review

While I enjoyed this anime it is not for everyone, if you are easily sickened and disturbed by horrific acts, child abuse, children becoming killers then I recommend looking elsewhere. If you can learn to love the characters, the story, and have an open mind then I would give this a watch. I rate this a 7/10 for being a good show but confused on the art change between seasons.

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