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Graze Box 8 count box- Mystery Review

Graze box is back for another review. For those who don't know the Graze box is a subscription service where you can get 8 snacks for $12.99 a month. You can also customize the box if you have allergies or other food preferences. Let's see what the Graze box has for us today!

Tier 1

Top Left: Cinnamon Banana Energizer- cinnamon honey almonds, chewy banana, pecans, and raisins

Calories: 140 Fat:7g Sugars:15g Protein:2g

Review: I honestly am not a fan of raisins much but they were okay the chewy banana was a bit weird though. The almonds and pecans were good though.

Top right: Peach Cobbler- Peach fruit drops, yogurt seeds and amaretti drops

Calories:160 Fat:9g Sugars:15g Protein:3g

Review: The name is very fitting as it tastes like you are eating peach cobbler. I loved everything in it.

Bottom Left: White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake- Almonds, raspberry fruit strings, white chocolate buttons, and vanilla cookie drops.

Calories:160 Fat:9g Sugars:13g Protein:4g

Review: I liked everything but the almonds(I'm just not a fan of plain nuts).

Bottom Right: HoneyComb Crunch- Chocolate HoneyComb, Almonds and Raisins

Calories:190 Fat:9g Sugars:20g Protein:4g

Review: The Honeycomb was nice, but I didn't care for the plain almonds or raisins.

Tier 2

Top Left: Chocolate Pretzel Dippers- lightly salted pretzels with chocolate dip

Calories:150 Fat:7g Sugars:9g Protein:3g

Review: The dip was nice and creamy and great with the pretzels.

Top Right: Banana Oat Squares- rolled oat squares baked with banana and superfood lucuma

Calories:200 Fat:11g Sugars:9g Protein:7g

Review: These squares were a nice mild sweet.

Bottom left: Billionaires Shortbread- Belgian milk chocolate, almonds, cranberries, and fudge

Calories:200 Fat:11g Sugars:19g Protein:4g

Review: This tasted nice but I feel the cranberries were out of place with everything else.

Bottom Right: Caramel Apple- caramel sauce with soft apple pieces

Calories:80 Fat:1.5g Sugars:16g Protein: less than 1g

Review: Caramel and apples the perfect duo

Overall Review

I loved all the snacks in here as they were all sweet not savory. I think in time as you review snacks Graze takes that data to make boxes you will love. If you want a snack box tailored to you then try out Graze Box!

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