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Ghost Stories- Anime Review

Ghost Stories is a review I was inspired to do after years of Anime Midwest telling me about how crazy this anime is with the English dub. I'm told this is basically the most official abridged series of anime. I'm also excited for this as Greg Ayres stars in it.

The Plot

When a spirit resting place is disturbed by recent construction the spirits decide to haunt the nearby school. It is now up to a ragtag group of kids to expel these unwanted classmates.

My Review

I only saw the dub of this(I may see the sub version someday to compare), but despite the praise I found most of the jokes tasteless or dated. I found the ghosts creative and interesting, but just judging by the dub the characters were all stereotypes. If your into raunchy humor making fun of homosexuals, Christians and the mentally challenged while inputting old celebrity names then the dub is for you if not maybe try this series subbed.

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