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Endless Love By Scott Spencer- Book Review

Trying to find a good novel for The Month of Love was hard, as I didn't want to read a typical romance novel. I saw a Cinema Snob review on the Endless Love movie(on how horrible and twisted it was) and heard it was based on a book, so I got the book. This is classified as thriller more than a romance but it's still on love just the obsessed crazy teen kind.

The Plot

David is deeply in love with a girl named Jade. When he is told he can't see her for a month from her father. David takes the loved craze route of setting their house on fire in order to get attention and possibly see his lover again. This act gets him arrested and sent to a mental hospital.

When David is released after the age of 18 he is pressured by society, and his parents to resume to normal life and never to think about the past. He is unable to forget about Jade and after getting his letters (that he and Jade sent to each other) back he tries to track her down by using phone books despite the fact he is forbidden by law to ever see her again. Will David be able to find her again and what will happen if he does?

My Review

I hope never have to read this book again. I find David to be very sick in the head and glad in the end he ended up in prison. There is a few other characters who are nearly as insane, but not as insane as our main. I know love can make you do crazy things, but this is nuts. The story was entertaining but disturbing though I'm sure that's the point. This book gets an 5/10 due to while entertaining enough to read to the end, I felt disturbed and uncomfortable the whole time.

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