• Rose Hood

Do Cats always land on their feet?- Book Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

This is a great book weather you have owned cats for years, or new to cat care, this book answers many interesting questions on our feline friends. Having owned cats for 4 years and done much research before getting my first kitty Sanders, even I was surprised at some of the questions and answers in this book. This book answers great questions such as:

1. How many bones does a cat have?

2. Who invented kitty litter?

3. Why is a cat's tongue like sandpaper?

While some questions are just interesting trivia some are good for cat keeping advice. I love trivia books and cats so this book is a great combo. Here is a free fact from the book: Did you know that the calico and tortoiseshell coloring takes two X chromosomes that's why nearly all of cats with this coloring are girls?; For the other 100 answers check out this book! I give this book a rating of an 7/10 for being a great read, trivia, and even some advice for cat lovers.

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