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Chihayafuru- Anime Review

Chihayafuru is an anime I'm sure I seen or read some of the manga before as it seems familiar to me, but I can't quite remember it. I got the series during the Sentai Filmworks Black Friday sale, so I can check it out. I also heard there will be a season 3 coming out this October. So now may be a good time to check out the first 2 seasons.

The Plot

Chihaya is often left out one way or another with her sister being a model and not fitting in with kids at her school. She is introduced into Competitive Karuta card playing by a transfer student and ever since she is hooked. Chihaya now dreams to be the best in Japan at Karuta, but the road to get there will be harder than it looks, can Chihaya achieve this dream?

My Review

I never thought I'd get sucked into what is mainly a "sports" anime. The characters are well balanced with screen time, and they don't always win, but you want to root for them the whole time, even the rivals. I love how this anime gets you want to learn about a game that isn't in English and is not played much anywhere but Japan(I watched this series in subs despite the dub being ok to get the full experience of the game). If you want to learn about a game that is more, than just Japanese poetry and can be considered a full on sport than check out Chihayafuru!

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