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Bunny Drop- Anime Review

It is seldom I review anime that all ages can watch but this is one of them. Bunny Drop is one of those "cute little kids" family anime. This anime is also a "slice of life" anime, as in no magic or fantasy this anime can basically take place in some sort of reality. This anime also deals with parenting which I don't know much about as I don't have kids.

The Plot

Daikichi is a normal hard working bachelor who doesn't even have a girlfriend at the age of thirty. He finds out his grandfather recently died and attends the funeral. At the funeral he notices a 6yo girl named Rin who is his Grandfather's daughter, who is now an orphan due to the fact no one knows who her mom is. As the relatives argue, on who will take care of her and even consider dropping her off at an orphanage Daikichi proclaims he will care for her despite having no previous experience with kids.

My Review

This anime has many cute and funny moments. Daikichi being surprised at every new thing he doesn't know about on raising kids from signing up for preschool to what to do with baby teeth make this an enjoyable watch. The series ends after only 1 yr of Rin being with Daikichi, it's a shame as I'd have love to have seen more on Rin growing up. I give this anime an 8/10 for being adorable.

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